Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lego Party!

After months of telling Shelby I would have a party at our house with his friends, I finally broke down & had it yesterday. Four other boys came over & it was like having a herd of elephants running in & out! But they seemed to have fun & that was worth it! I planned a few games like pin the dot on the lego, Lego car races, a Lego tower contest & a Lego chopsticks game. I also had a small treasure hunt around the house & they got pieces of Legos then had to race to put together a penguin.

After they made their own pizzas they played outside in the snow until I made them come in. Then they watched movies until who knows when. This morning was just Legos & more snowball fights until parents came! My floors took a beating but I held out mopping until there was just one left, but it was hard!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let It Snow!!!!

Well, we've had a very interesting weekend! We were supposed to go to DC & then Northern VA to visit family. But a snow storm came through & now we're snowed in. We have an average of 15" here at the house. Here's a few pics of the kids!

A friend of ours gave Alyson her daughter's old Easy Bake Oven & here is Alyson's first masterpiece!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cards & more cards!

I finally got to make cards! I was sooo excited! A SU demonstrator here has a great setup in her home where we can sit down & be creative! We bought Simply Scrappin' kits & made cards! I didn't realize the kit was for a baby scrapbook but at least I have stuff to make for a couple of preggos I know!

Also, I'm planning a party for Shelby in a few weeks and the theme is Legos! So he helped me make these invitations! They are so cute!