Thursday, January 29, 2009

He did WHAT??!!!

OK, today was so stressful that I actually had an upset stomach & almost didn't go to the meeting.

I had JUST left Shelby's school after doing some volunteer work when Mr. Lewis, the principal, calls me. He proceeds to tell me that at lunch Shelby & another student started arguing & Shelby STABBED HIM WITH HIS FORK!!!!!!!!!!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I was literally in shock so I just kind of said WHAT?! then I'm sorry & that was that. Then I told Denver & he started asking me all these questions so I called the principal back & asked to speak to Shelby. He couldn't tell me anything 'cause he was so upset but I talked to Mr. Lewis & asked him what they could have possibly been arguing about that he would stab his best friend in the class. He said he would try to find out. And I had just talked to his mom an HOUR before about how Shelby couldn't go to Bryan's birthday party but maybe wecould get them together for a playdate. By the way, she's a TEACHER IN THE SCHOOL!!!
So I get a call back 30 minutes later & now the story has changed. Now the boys agree that it was all an accident & they weren't fighting. Shelby was flinging his fork around & Bryan's arm got in the way. According to Shelby's teacher & Bryan's mom the lunchlady blew it all out of proportion. Once everyone calmed down the truth came out!!!


Playing with my Blog!

I've been playing too long & need to go to bed. I found this great background & other stuff on the same website Candi used. I also posted a link to my SU site. It took me a whole hour to figure those few things out.

Now I just need to get a camera to post pics. I've been consulting with my personal electronics/computer consultant, Kevin Pittman(usually thru Candi).

Thanks Ashley for the CD of pics. That was insane trying to get all the kids to look at the camera at the same time, but it was fun. Oh how exciting, I can post some of those here. I'll have to wait until the morning.

We had a great time coming home last weekend. Thank you Dillo & Ashley for letting us stay at your house. Brenda, it was a great idea to get all of us together for the pictures. And No Brenda, Shelby doesn't know anything anybody else needs to know. Candi, that was the cutest party ever. Everyone here wants to see pictures, I'll have to figure that Snapfish thing out.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now.


Monday, January 26, 2009

I can really blog!

We finally got a computer in the house! I'm so excited!

Anyway, Alyson gave her first comment last Thursday! She said field service! It was so cute & everyone ahhed over it!

Also, last week Shelby told me he wanted me to have another baby! Of course, he wants a brother! I told him to have a baby!

Hopefully I'll be able to post pics up soon!