Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Hey Y'all! We are down in the Keys soaking up the rays & being unbelievably lazy! Alyson gave us the scare of the trip by falling into the MARINA!!!! Miraculously she fell halfway onto the platform of the boat & was holding on for dear life while we ran to her. All I could see was one foot sticking up on the sidewalk. It was AWFUL! I couldn't stop shaking after I got her in my arms. We are backed right up to the marina so it's a constant worry! The deer is a Key deer! They only live on this Key, Big Pine. They're small & the ones around the camp are not afraid too afraid of humans. We're not supposed to feed them but some do. They're actually a nuisance around here, getting into your trash & eating your plants. I bought my motherinlaw a hibiscus plant yesterday & this morning it was gone, eaten to little nubs. Oh well!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Circuit Assembly & Wine (hehehe)

Hey Everyone! Sorry it's been so long! But now I'm catching up! Here's a few pics from our CA!

The first one is Alyson's favorite people, Ana McRoberts. She's this crazy Puerto Rican sister :-) in our hall that Alyson talks about all the time. The last picture is Shelby with two of his friends, Tres & Jacob. Tres is in 1st grade at Shelby's school & Jacob is 11 & just joined the ASL group in our hall. The Assembly Hall is beautiful, with the small pond & greenery you see behind us. Here's a picture of the mural on the wall when you first walk in:

As for the wine, we went to a really fun wine & cheese party last weekend! I'm trying to become a wino like everyone else so I tried a bunch of wines & I think I'm starting to tolerate it. There was a peach wine the hostess had gotten at a tasting, 36 Vines or something like that, that was really good. There are several vinyards close by so we're planning to do a few tastings this year. The highlight of the night was playing the Done Been Wed Game(Newlywed Game). It took about 45 minutes for us girls to even answer all the questions while the guys waited outside. We thought that was funny but when the guys came in to answer it really got hilarious. It probably took 2 hours to play that game. Can you believe we won?!

This couple was the host of the party! They are the parents of the little boy that goes to Shelby's school. They are alot of fun!
Thanks for looking!