Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Hey Y'all! We are down in the Keys soaking up the rays & being unbelievably lazy! Alyson gave us the scare of the trip by falling into the MARINA!!!! Miraculously she fell halfway onto the platform of the boat & was holding on for dear life while we ran to her. All I could see was one foot sticking up on the sidewalk. It was AWFUL! I couldn't stop shaking after I got her in my arms. We are backed right up to the marina so it's a constant worry! The deer is a Key deer! They only live on this Key, Big Pine. They're small & the ones around the camp are not afraid too afraid of humans. We're not supposed to feed them but some do. They're actually a nuisance around here, getting into your trash & eating your plants. I bought my motherinlaw a hibiscus plant yesterday & this morning it was gone, eaten to little nubs. Oh well!


Candi said...

I'm so glad Alyson is okay. What a nightmare! Other than that, it sounds like your vacation is uneventful...just like we like it...lazy and fun :) Have fun and be careful coming home! Love you!

Becky said...

How scary for you guys! Glad she's okay! Love the pics of Shelby & Aly in their sunglasses! too cute!