Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting Old

Yes, the camper is starting to get old! This is our fourth week in it & it's starting to shrink! The trailer fell thru which is OK by me! Now we're looking at a few houses in town! It's further than we want but we need to get settled for at least a little while!
Two of the guys I've talked to about houses have said they are from Grundy! One of them who's last name is Altizer said he has Horns in his family! He said he has researched his family tree so they may be way back cause Dillo said he doesn't recognize the name!
Anyway, I hope we find something soon! We've had to push back the week we come home so it will probably be July 12th! But we'll see you soon!

Missing you!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The grass is greener on the other side!

Isn't it funny that the grass is the first thing I noticed around here? It is so green & thick! Even on the sides of the roads & in the trees! Everyone has a beautiful yard, even the trailer parks have nice landscapes! Denver says it's because they have nothing else to do around here!

It's so cool to see these old colonial houses & barns! The shop is on top of Bent Mountain & Denver keeps insisting on taking me down this road that has a sign that actually says "not recommended for vehicles!" It is a gravel road on the side of the mountain. I keep imagining Denver hitting the brakes & us going off the side. There are some really cool old log cabins! I want to knock on the doors & ask to go inside!

We think we've found somewhere to stay for awhile. It's definitely not a place I would normally want to live in but the location is perfect. It's in the town we want to be in & Shelby can walk to the elementary school! He says he could also ride his bike! It's also the right price if you know what I mean! We'll see!

Missing you,


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hey Everyone!

Thanks so much for commenting! We feel loved!

We've been driving around discovering parks & the events going on this summer! There are GREAT parks here! The kids are chomping at the bit to go to the county water park for kids! We drove to it & looked inside so the kids can't wait! Hopefully we can go tomorrow! There is a festival going on at the State park nearby so we're going to try to go there Saturday! It's on a lake so it should be fun! Alyson has been asking to go fishing anyway!

Denver will be home tonight so his schedule is working great! Work is actually slowing down for them which is normal for the summer anyway! Which is good for me!

We found out Sunday that this congregation has a sign language group that meets there! Of course Shelby was enthralled & kept pointing & saying "LOOK!" There is also a Spanish group! The English group is the one that is in need of brothers! They actually pulled an english speaking couple out of the spanish group to help the english group! How different from home!

Missing y'all,

all of us!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Settling In

I'm at a different library & this one is even nicer than the last one! We've been going to the kingdom hall here in Christiansburg & so far so good! The difference when Denver is with us & when he isn't is amazing. It must be built in to take advantage of Mommy when she's all alone! So far Denver's schedule is working out & he'll be home tonight to go to the bookstudy!

Please leave comments! I want to hear from you guys!

Missing you,

All of us!