Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting Old

Yes, the camper is starting to get old! This is our fourth week in it & it's starting to shrink! The trailer fell thru which is OK by me! Now we're looking at a few houses in town! It's further than we want but we need to get settled for at least a little while!
Two of the guys I've talked to about houses have said they are from Grundy! One of them who's last name is Altizer said he has Horns in his family! He said he has researched his family tree so they may be way back cause Dillo said he doesn't recognize the name!
Anyway, I hope we find something soon! We've had to push back the week we come home so it will probably be July 12th! But we'll see you soon!

Missing you!


ashley said...

hey guys

just a quick hey. hope you find a place soon before you lose your sanity. we had our special day assembly over it weekend. it was great! and we actually got to take notes. so now we really do believe that it does get easier. just in time for the next baby. oh well! looking forward to seeing you in july. take care.

the pittmans said...

We are missing you too! Hope you are able to secure a home soon. The assembly was nice, even if we only went for the morning. Hunter slept the whole morning and Haylei was really good too. Austin comes in town this weekend. Can't wait to see you in July!

Rae said...

Funny thing is, we will be moving into a rv once we sell our house, and I'm actually looking forward to it. I just want out of this house. I hate it. We have to go outside to get to basement to do laundry, that gets old after awhile. But I'm glad you guys were able to get into a place.