Sunday, June 8, 2008

The grass is greener on the other side!

Isn't it funny that the grass is the first thing I noticed around here? It is so green & thick! Even on the sides of the roads & in the trees! Everyone has a beautiful yard, even the trailer parks have nice landscapes! Denver says it's because they have nothing else to do around here!

It's so cool to see these old colonial houses & barns! The shop is on top of Bent Mountain & Denver keeps insisting on taking me down this road that has a sign that actually says "not recommended for vehicles!" It is a gravel road on the side of the mountain. I keep imagining Denver hitting the brakes & us going off the side. There are some really cool old log cabins! I want to knock on the doors & ask to go inside!

We think we've found somewhere to stay for awhile. It's definitely not a place I would normally want to live in but the location is perfect. It's in the town we want to be in & Shelby can walk to the elementary school! He says he could also ride his bike! It's also the right price if you know what I mean! We'll see!

Missing you,



Katie said...

Hey Christina! It is so good to hear how much you like it up there. I want to see that grass!:) I miss ya'll!!


Katie said...

Hey! I also LOVE your play list!

The O'Barrs said...

That reminds me of Colombia South America. The grass was soooo thick and beautiful. So happy for all of you. You should hike the road to see how exciting it could be in a vehicle. Shelby would love the excitement. Anyway glad there is so much to do for the family. Have FUN!

Love to all!

the pittmans said...

We're so happy you guys are adjusting well to the move. It can be hard but keep praying to Jehovah and rely on him and everything will work out just fine! We're doing good, 3 cms dilated and ready to go...we'll let you know when Hunter decides to show up :) Have fun on all your new adventures and "field trips" (you know that's what kids call things)!
Love you guys!