Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hey Everyone!

Thanks so much for commenting! We feel loved!

We've been driving around discovering parks & the events going on this summer! There are GREAT parks here! The kids are chomping at the bit to go to the county water park for kids! We drove to it & looked inside so the kids can't wait! Hopefully we can go tomorrow! There is a festival going on at the State park nearby so we're going to try to go there Saturday! It's on a lake so it should be fun! Alyson has been asking to go fishing anyway!

Denver will be home tonight so his schedule is working great! Work is actually slowing down for them which is normal for the summer anyway! Which is good for me!

We found out Sunday that this congregation has a sign language group that meets there! Of course Shelby was enthralled & kept pointing & saying "LOOK!" There is also a Spanish group! The English group is the one that is in need of brothers! They actually pulled an english speaking couple out of the spanish group to help the english group! How different from home!

Missing y'all,

all of us!

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