Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yes, I'm still awake!

Yes, another night of listening to children cough. But I found a funny game. Go to Google, enter your name in parentheses like this
" ______ is" and see what you get. Here are my top 10!

Christina is...

not a very popular piercing(I should hope not)
crowned queen(in my dreams)
pregnant(not funny)
currently leading the design team
using Twitter
the daughter of record producer...
reportedly engaged to actor Geoffrey Arend(who is that)
amazing in every single way(so true, of course)
married, to a man(uhhhh, yeah)
studying for a MS degree in Business(cause I spend my time soooo wisely)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Whirlwind Trip

So Tuesday we set out to Bethesda to see my Aunt Patty & her adorable twins! As you can see, the kids were excited to be going on a trip with Pawpaw. They did really good considering it was 4 hours each way! The twins, Mitch & Camille will be 1 year old! They are so adorable!

Here's a cute picture of Dad holding Mitch! Mitch was so comfortable with him! But not Cammi! She would cry everytime Dad got near her! How funny!

Here's a picture of Brad & Cammi! She was pouting over something! Look at that cute bottom lip!

Here's Patty & the babies saying bye! We had fun in the short time we were there. The babies were so sweet! What a fun age, so innocent & curious. Patty was so gracious & thought to take us to a park down the street to let the kids get out some energy. Hopefully we can visit again when we have more time!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Look what I made!!!

Can you believe I made this?! Sorry if the picture looks weird, it's my first upload. I took a class last weekend. It was supposed to be 2 hours on Sat & Sun but it ended up being 3 hours each with me doing stuff at home! Two other sisters did it too & we had a ball. Actually the first day was really frustrating for those of us who had NO IDEA what we were doing. The second day was much better since we had gotten the hang of it. Now I'm going to make more in different colors for myself & others! If you're REALLY nice to me I might make you one!! HaHa! I used a light green for the main part then the smaller beads on the inside are a gray/blue but the outer little beads are a brown/copper sort of color. They didn't have the matching colors. The stone in the middle is a clear crystal but all the stones around it added a greenish hue. It's really pretty! I can't believe I did it! Christina

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's COLD!!

Did you know it's really cold here? I never thought I'd be one to skip out on service because of the weather, but Wednesday I didn't go out. But I made myself feel better by keeping a pioneer sister's little boy so she could go out. It was a snow day for the schools.

That's another thing. I never know when they're going to call a snow day because it's so erratic. I'm told it's because the higher elevations around us get hit worst most of the time. Here in the valley, in town, it'll be perfectly fine but Shelby won't go to school.

I had to drive first thing Wednesday morning(don't even know the temp., in the teens) & I was freaking out. The roads were WHITE, but I never did slide. Then the next day I didn't slide although the roads were white and I began to notice that no one else was sliding either. By the next day I realized that the roads were white from the SALT, not ice. This is after driving around like an idiot for 2 days. Oh well.

I definitely didn't prepare us for this cold. Not enough winter stuff. Next year I'll be prepared for sure.