Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's COLD!!

Did you know it's really cold here? I never thought I'd be one to skip out on service because of the weather, but Wednesday I didn't go out. But I made myself feel better by keeping a pioneer sister's little boy so she could go out. It was a snow day for the schools.

That's another thing. I never know when they're going to call a snow day because it's so erratic. I'm told it's because the higher elevations around us get hit worst most of the time. Here in the valley, in town, it'll be perfectly fine but Shelby won't go to school.

I had to drive first thing Wednesday morning(don't even know the temp., in the teens) & I was freaking out. The roads were WHITE, but I never did slide. Then the next day I didn't slide although the roads were white and I began to notice that no one else was sliding either. By the next day I realized that the roads were white from the SALT, not ice. This is after driving around like an idiot for 2 days. Oh well.

I definitely didn't prepare us for this cold. Not enough winter stuff. Next year I'll be prepared for sure.

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Candi said...

I'm sorry! But it shouldn't last long! The spring will be so pretty, winter will be a distant memory!