Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Whirlwind Trip

So Tuesday we set out to Bethesda to see my Aunt Patty & her adorable twins! As you can see, the kids were excited to be going on a trip with Pawpaw. They did really good considering it was 4 hours each way! The twins, Mitch & Camille will be 1 year old! They are so adorable!

Here's a cute picture of Dad holding Mitch! Mitch was so comfortable with him! But not Cammi! She would cry everytime Dad got near her! How funny!

Here's a picture of Brad & Cammi! She was pouting over something! Look at that cute bottom lip!

Here's Patty & the babies saying bye! We had fun in the short time we were there. The babies were so sweet! What a fun age, so innocent & curious. Patty was so gracious & thought to take us to a park down the street to let the kids get out some energy. Hopefully we can visit again when we have more time!

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