Monday, November 15, 2010

Beads & More Beads!!!!

I actually got to host a House Party a couple of weeks ago!  We were so excited to get it!!  The product was Perler Beads.  I had never heard of them but am so glad I found out about them.  The kids LOVE Perler Beads!!  It's a great thing for them to do on a rainy day or any day!

House Party & Perler Beads were SO generous!!  They gave us a huge bucket that isn't even on the market yet just for hosting the party.  There were enough prepackaged beads for 15 kids to do 2 projects and even a small pack for a door prize.  The kids loved it!  They have bigger beads for the smaller kids although we didn't get any of those.  We made the projects and decorated cupcakes. However, I think the kids had the most fun just playing together!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun in the Sun!...stinkin' hot in the 90s mid-September sun...grumble, blah, blah...

Well, we're starting to adjust although we're not in our house yet!!  The kids are doing well in school and we're getting on a schedule.  We should be moving into our new house next weekend.  Here's a picture of the empty living room:

 Here are the kids fishing this afternoon:

Here is a party we went to and there were friends there that play GREAT!  The kids had alot of fun swimming in their lake & running around with old & new friends!  Here's a few pics:

We really miss everyone in Virginia and just the area in general.  We loved the views and the great weather!  We can't wait to come up there to visit next month!!!  Love ya!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Crazy 1st Week!!

1st day of PreK
It's been pretty busy for us this week.  Shelby started school Tuesday morning and Denver left for work Tuesday afternoon.  Thursday Alyson & I toured her new school and she started on Friday!!!  There have been runs to the Board of Education, Health Department and the pediatrician in between.  Also, Shelby lost his another tooth!!!  Here are some pictures:

Proud to lose his teeth!!

Will dance for coffee!!!
For our coffee lovin' friends!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

We're Moving...again!

Yes, it's official! After months of debate, we've decided moving back is the best thing to do. We LOVE it up here, but work-wise, we need to move back. We are going to miss our friends up here soooo much, but we'll be coming back to visit often!!
Here's some pics from a party some friends had. Shelby is in a pie eating contest & Aly is playing a game with some little ones from our hall:

Catching Up!

We've had a crazy summer, especially June! July was much more laid back. As soon as school was out, Shelby & Denver went to the Keys for a week with family to fish. Did they take pictures? Only 2!!! Since it was a disposable camera I don't have anything to show you. Alyson & I went with some friends to Myrtle Beach! I was pleasantly suprised! Did I take pictures? Of course:


Then we came back & went to our District Convention:

We've still got a month to go but we've got some news....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Shelby's Music Program

Circuit Assembly Pics!

Here's some pictures from our Circuit Assembly 4/2 & 3 in Salisbury, NC. What a wonderful program! The emphasis on maintaining your spirituality was just what I needed! The kids did great! Especially Shelby! Alyson is only 4, so she still has a hard time with the long days.