Monday, November 15, 2010

Beads & More Beads!!!!

I actually got to host a House Party a couple of weeks ago!  We were so excited to get it!!  The product was Perler Beads.  I had never heard of them but am so glad I found out about them.  The kids LOVE Perler Beads!!  It's a great thing for them to do on a rainy day or any day!

House Party & Perler Beads were SO generous!!  They gave us a huge bucket that isn't even on the market yet just for hosting the party.  There were enough prepackaged beads for 15 kids to do 2 projects and even a small pack for a door prize.  The kids loved it!  They have bigger beads for the smaller kids although we didn't get any of those.  We made the projects and decorated cupcakes. However, I think the kids had the most fun just playing together!!

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