Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Circuit Assembly & Wine (hehehe)

Hey Everyone! Sorry it's been so long! But now I'm catching up! Here's a few pics from our CA!

The first one is Alyson's favorite people, Ana McRoberts. She's this crazy Puerto Rican sister :-) in our hall that Alyson talks about all the time. The last picture is Shelby with two of his friends, Tres & Jacob. Tres is in 1st grade at Shelby's school & Jacob is 11 & just joined the ASL group in our hall. The Assembly Hall is beautiful, with the small pond & greenery you see behind us. Here's a picture of the mural on the wall when you first walk in:

As for the wine, we went to a really fun wine & cheese party last weekend! I'm trying to become a wino like everyone else so I tried a bunch of wines & I think I'm starting to tolerate it. There was a peach wine the hostess had gotten at a tasting, 36 Vines or something like that, that was really good. There are several vinyards close by so we're planning to do a few tastings this year. The highlight of the night was playing the Done Been Wed Game(Newlywed Game). It took about 45 minutes for us girls to even answer all the questions while the guys waited outside. We thought that was funny but when the guys came in to answer it really got hilarious. It probably took 2 hours to play that game. Can you believe we won?!

This couple was the host of the party! They are the parents of the little boy that goes to Shelby's school. They are alot of fun!
Thanks for looking!


Candi said...

Sounds like fun!

Becky said...

The Wine party sounds like it was soo fun! The more wine you drink, the better it tastes. haha Next time we come up that way, we should go wine tasting together!

Rae said...

Where is this ccircuit assembly at? It looks a lot like the one we used to go to. Ours was in Salsbury North Carolina. It has a little waterfall and pond in front with plants all around it. Then has huge pic on wall of little boy I think with all the wild animals. I loved that place. It was beautiful. I was baptised in that building. You can reply to me at my email. I found your post saved in my emails, so I figured I would look at it again. Anyways, glad all is well. TTYL. Rachael

Stephanie said...

Hey. Just found this off of your facebook page. Love the music you have picked! That party was fun wasn't it?! Hope you and the fam are having a fun summer.

Stephanie Smith