Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another update.....and in other news!

Well, Denver got his pins out Monday! Yeah! They put him in this brace that is giving him a small amount of motion with his elbow. His arm is very weak & still gives him alot of pain but at least it's whole again. Here's a pic of what it looked like a few days ago. And here's a pic of his truck! That's the best pic I could get in the light I had. That's the worst side. The insurance company totaled it! Byebye to yet ANOTHER truck! All Denver has to do is drive the next truck into a lake & I think he will have covered all the different ways you can destroy your truck!

Now here's a cuter picture! Can you believe he's six?!
He wanted to wear his boots to school today so I let him but forgot that
today is gym! So when I brought his tennis shoes to school it was too late, gym was over! Poor baby! I hope he got to play anyway! Who knew gym was at 9:15AM!! He's bringing home books & reading them to us! It is so surreal to hear him read! I really love the age Alyson is at but Shelby is so fun to talk to & listen to. I don't want them to get any older! I wish I could keep them at this age.
Thanks again for all your support! We have such great family & friends!

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Candi said...

What a ghastly scar! He'll love to tell stories about that one! and Shelby looks adorable!