Thursday, March 5, 2009

Change in Plans!

Well, we're waiting to go home!

This morning after undressing Denver's wound the doctors decided to do the surgery this evening. So I packed up & headed this way. I called Denver on the way & he said the doctor's had called him & decided not to do the surgery. Apparently they want the swelling to go down more. So he'll be doing the skin grafts next week. There will be a nurse coming to our house tomorrow to show us how to dress his wound & keep the pins clean.

We have not heard anything about a projected date of complete healing. It's possible he will only have the pins in for 3 weeks. But there will be alot of physical therapy. He might not get his grip back as strong as it was. But the prognosis is looking good! All the doctors say he's fortunate to have his arm at all!

So that's the update for now. Again, thanks for all your support.

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Candi said...

Thanks for the update...looking forward to hearing more when you know it. Jehovah's spirit is with you both...hang in there.