Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Only Denver.....

As most of you have heard by now, Denver was in an accident Sunday around midnight. So to dispel rumors & keep you updated, here is the official scoop as of right now.

Denver was coming home in his personal truck from the shop. The shop is on Bent Mtn. They were supposed to be leaving out that night but decided not to due to the storm. They had closed down the road(Rte. 221) but Denver thought they had opened it because he saw cars coming up 221. So he started to come down. Another car coming up the mountain lost control in front of him. He swerved to miss the car & lost control himself. He ended up on the left side of the road & went 100ft down a ravine. The other car KEPT GOING! On the way down the ravine a tree must have busted his window & his arm went out. A tree must have caught his arm & bent it back the wrong way which dislocated his elbow. The window lacerated his arm to the point it was hanging by the muscle that connects the elbow.

When he stopped & realized his arm was hanging he put it back in HIMSELF. Then he climbed out of the ravine & walked to the nearest house. Those people gave him a towel to make a turniket & called Rescue. He was bleeding profusely because we later found out he had severed several veins and an artery.

He called me on the way to let me know but I couldn't get out because of the ice & snow on the road. So I had to keep in touch on & off all night thru nurses & sometimes him. Apparently when he got here they did try to give him a transfusion but he refused. The nurses can't find any records of him having a low blood count but he was told by the emt he had lost alot of blood & Chad says the truck is pretty bad. We're not sure what happened with that.

The orthopedic surgeons inserted 2 rods in his arm to hold his elbow in one position until everything heals. The vascular surgeons took a vein from his left ankle to repair the artery that was severed. They also had to repair a nerve that affects his grip. He has still not been stiched together, they are waiting for the swelling to go down. Probably Friday morning. We will be moving out of ICU sometime today.

He is doing well! He is walking around & off of the catheter & IV. He does have to get antibiotics thru his IV though. Thank you so much for all the calls & offers of help. It has really helped Denver to see he is well loved. I will keep y'all posted!


The O'Barrs said...

Hey guys,

We are so glad you are better and getting about on your own feet. Keep your chins up. We are here for anything and everything at anytime. Please tell Denver we love him dearly. Love to the whole family. Kiss Shelby and Alyson also.

The O'Barrs

Ashley said...

Thanks for the official story. I've just been getting lots of bits and pieces over the last few days. Our house phone is constantly ringing with friends from all over trying to get the latest on Denver. News sure travels fast among us JW's. So many send their love - too many to list. Denver has had LOTS of prayers said in his behalf from Ga. Please let him know that.

You both always have such a positive attitude about everything, that will go a long ways in helping his recovery to be a speedy one. I'm sure I will see you soon.


Debbie Ritchie said...

Well, my goodness .. what an ordeal. I can't believe Denver didn't passout after seeing his arm like that. Our thoughts and Prayers are with you all. If there is anything "WE" can do from here let us know please.
Love ya bunches
The Ritchies

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. We be sure to keep praying for him.

Candi said...

We are so happy to hear he is recovering well. I can't wait to see the pictures of the truck in the ravine! He is such an amazing man - saving his own life! We love you and you are in our prayers.

Candi and Kevin

Becky said...

"Only Denver" is so right! Who else could relocate a joint & climb out of a ditch!?!? Pretty amazing. I'm glad he is up and moving around. Lots of love!
Becky & Bobby