Thursday, January 29, 2009

He did WHAT??!!!

OK, today was so stressful that I actually had an upset stomach & almost didn't go to the meeting.

I had JUST left Shelby's school after doing some volunteer work when Mr. Lewis, the principal, calls me. He proceeds to tell me that at lunch Shelby & another student started arguing & Shelby STABBED HIM WITH HIS FORK!!!!!!!!!!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I was literally in shock so I just kind of said WHAT?! then I'm sorry & that was that. Then I told Denver & he started asking me all these questions so I called the principal back & asked to speak to Shelby. He couldn't tell me anything 'cause he was so upset but I talked to Mr. Lewis & asked him what they could have possibly been arguing about that he would stab his best friend in the class. He said he would try to find out. And I had just talked to his mom an HOUR before about how Shelby couldn't go to Bryan's birthday party but maybe wecould get them together for a playdate. By the way, she's a TEACHER IN THE SCHOOL!!!
So I get a call back 30 minutes later & now the story has changed. Now the boys agree that it was all an accident & they weren't fighting. Shelby was flinging his fork around & Bryan's arm got in the way. According to Shelby's teacher & Bryan's mom the lunchlady blew it all out of proportion. Once everyone calmed down the truth came out!!!


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