Thursday, May 29, 2008

We're Here!

Hey everyone! We made it! We're settled into our gravel parking lot of a campground! It's funny because it's just an overnight campground so everyone is just sleeping there then moving on in the morning! So we get weird looks because we're all set up with our fake grass, picnic table, toys, plants, chairs! Oh well!

Tuesday night Denver brought the 18 wheeler home & parked it in the bottom lot that had absolutely nothing in it. He was going to leave in the morning. So after we ate dinner we decided to take the kids out to get a treat & look around. So we drive out & Denver says "Where is the truck?" It was GONE! The owners had it TOWED!!!!! They said we should have told them it was ours even though they watched Denver get out & walk to our camper!!! So we spent mucho denaro getting it out & then the campground wouldn't give us a refund since that's their policy! How FUN!!!

But all is well now! It's over & done with & me & the kids are going to the park! Until next time!

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