Monday, September 22, 2008

It's already starting!

Well, Shelby told me last week that some friends of his all started a club called the Strong Boys Club. They run around at recess & do exersices & NO GIRLS ARE ALLOWED! Isn't that so funny! Shelby's nose is all healed except for a tiny scar but it'll be fine for pics on Wednesday!

And Candi, my whole family has requested more of the pear preserves you brought up! It's all gone already!

Love, us!


pittmans said...

We had so much fun while we were with you. Haylei has picked up a few things Alyson says..."Oh" for one. After she asks me "What you doing?" and I reply she says "Oh" she completely understands what I've said. So funny! Anyway, I'll mail you some more preserves. We'll never eat them all! Is Shelby doing the "girls have cooties" yet?
Miss you!

Rae said...

That is too funny. I want some preserves too! LOL. Mom made some apple butter, and keeps forgeting to give it to me. I love her apple butter. And N's g-mama gave us some fig preserves she made. So I can't wait to try them. I did more on my blog, I just keep forgeting about it, so you will just have to remind me. LOL