Monday, May 25, 2009

DC Trip

Hey everyone! It's starting to heat up, isn't it? We were in DC last week & it was pretty muggy! More so then here at home. Alyson & I mainly went to see my grandmother who was in town visiting my Aunt Patti. We were able to spend some time with them, which was fun. We also got to go through some of the museums. Mom & Dad had some business to take care of so Aly & I had an adventure on the subway. Can you believe I forgot my stroller? The first day was SOOO FUN! Poor Alyson was so tired! But my aunt brought me a stroller which was wonderful! Thanks again Patti! Here's a few pics! Aly LOVED the carousel, which I thought was pretty fast. The other 2 cuties are my cousins, Cammie & Mitch! The roses were beautiful in front of the Smithsonian! Alyson is looking worried with Dad because there were people from Sri Lanka in front of them yelling for President Obama!

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Candi said...

The garden is beautiful!!!