Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kroger Trip 8/16/09

Ok, I have to tell the world how well I did at Kroger! They are having the Mega Event Sale or something like that so I got all my coupons together(it took over an hour) and headed out. My OOP was $90.88 and I saved(drumroll please) $49.61!!!! That's sooo cool!

Also, frugalinvirginia.com is giving away a $30 Kroger gift card!!! Check her out! Since I'm up here now I use her site to get the local sales!

Our favorite thing from the event is the cereal! My poor kids have been having to eat store brand for a while now! While it doesn't taste any different(usually) nothing beats finding a toy in the box or having cool movie pics on the box!

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